A Weekend Playlist


...There are probably more names. But whatever you call it, the derriere is a thing to behold. And hold. And poke, and squeeze and swat when the time is right. Which is pretty much anytime the other person gives you the thumbs-up, in my book.

But I digress.

Trapped and driven as we are by these squishy mortal coils, people tend to write songs about them. Even about specific parts of them. Especially the fun ones. The tuckus is no exception.

And so we embark on a journey in cataloguing those songs dedicated to a singular part of the anatomy. I do have to warn the faint of heart that (shocking as it may seem) songs about a sweet piece of back-meat are not for the...delicate of constitution. So kids, leave the room and let Mommy and Daddy throw down to some weird ass music.

In making this playlist—which is by no means complete yet—it quickly became clear that love of the derriere is almost universal in music. It crosses cultures, genres, moods, and even eras.

But even more shockingly, it makes a fucking rad weekend playlist. 

Particular highlights include:

  • "Big Ole Butt" by LL Cool J.
    A song recorded back when the "cool" in his name wasn't said sarcastically.
  • "Eat Yo Ass" by Eric Dunn
    A heartbreakingly beautiful, homespun tune about booty licking.
  • "Buttmachine" by That 1 Guy.
    A sort of Bloodhound Gang monotone grind with mostly inscrutable lyrics. Also ,the album's title is brilliant: The Moon is Disgusting.
  • "Throw it Back" by Jonn Hart.
    Which I guarantee will find its way into other playlists when you are blown out and drinking hard with strangers after midnight.

There are also several required classics, and a few surprises mixed in. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but an ongoing project. So follow it on Spotify to get all the latest tushie tracks. And if your favorite butt-loving song isn't in there, mention it in the comments.

Throw this on shuffle at your next pre-game, happy hour, party, sexytime, or whatever, and see: exactly how long does it take for people to figure out it's all about bootay?

Until next time, shake it everyone.